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Intelligent monetization done right

Connecting the right consumers to correct brands using well researched and scientifically backed data,
intelligent media platforms and a network of complementary channels.
Let us create custom tailored  browser solutions for your users!

We Develop
Search Monetization Tools


We develop browser based solutions for Chrome and EDGE and Firefox all with the help of Google, BING and Yahoo search engines


Our desktop and mobile apps allow users to perform instant searches from respective platforms and provide a safe and secure experience to users

Product Monetization

With product monetization services we will be able to provide your business to increase revenue from any products, wether it is browser extensions, mobile apps or websites

User Base Generation

Get your products in front of the correct users by letting us helping you with a targeted campaign to ensure high customer satisfaction and great retention rates.

Tailor-made solutions for any traffic type

Let us help you with your business by implementing our tested and well researched methods by creating downloaders, installers or landing pages. Doesn’t matter what kind of traffic you want to monetize, wether it is mobile app or a desktop browser extension — we’ve guarantee that we got you covered.